Sunday, April 3, 2011

The PYB Movie Review for April 2, 2011: Insidious - 4 Shades of Blonde out of 5.


The PYB appreciates the horror movie that's not a all in-your-face-here's-the-creepy-damn-monster-isn't-it-scary kind of movie.  Insidious gives the viewer quick glimpses of "things" that aren't long enough to really see what it is, but long enough that you know you don't want these "things" to follow you home that night and hide out in your bedroom. Sometimes the vision from your own imagination is much worse than any monster/ghoul/ghosty/demon Hollywood can dream up. There is definitely a Hitchcock stirred with Poltergeist flavor in this keeper of a creeper.

Here are the things she has learned this evening for herself, however these could translate into your own movie going habits:

1. See horror movies ONLY with the Super Buff Gay Friend with Super Model Good Looks. Or someone who appreciates horror flicks....the Hunky Husband with 6-pack Abs is just not interested in movies like this and it just gets annoying, "Why should I care about this family? What's their back story? If they don't move out I'm leaving," and on and on.  SBGF is a wonderful horror movie companion because he understands that a scary flick is what it is.  Just roll with it and scream in the appropriate moments, which the PYB did with fervor while watching Insidious.
2. Do not go to a PG13 rated movie at night when all the teenagers are there with their mouths running  and fingers texting (excuse me, honey, can you please make the font bigger I can't quite read what you're writing right now....).  "No, Boo, I can't talk right now. I'm at a movie." It took all the PYB had in her not to rip the phone out of that kid's hand and throw it across the blasted theater.  This is when having been sick with a sinus infection can come in handy - simply start coughing and blowing your nose.  It's a good way to clear the seat next to yourself.

3. Make sure you are grabbing the right person during the freaky-deeky parts. However, this can also aid in moving the annoying teenager with the small-fonted texts.

4. Nachos are not an appropriate snack choice for this movie. First of all that crap is just nasty and, second, the person in front of you won't appreciate the cheese winding up in her hair - there are lots of jumpy moments and stuff just naturally flies from your lap.

SBGF - she would like to see this one again, so text the PYB, but just while not in movie theater.