Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bad Day/Bright Side?

Holy cow. In the PYB's quest to see the bright things in the dark she had her work cut out for her today. So here goes...

1. Even though it took 30 minutes to finally reach a live person at the mail order prescription place via her health plan  she managed NOT to stroke out although she could feel her blood pressure rising.

2. Even though she had two phone calls from superintendents that weren't happy and Boy 1, her boss, is on vay-cay, she was able to diffuse the situations.

3. Even though she had to fight rush hour traffic and go from one side of Atlanta to the other she managed not to go into full fledged road rage therefore not tripping the delicate balance that is her expired license.

4. Even though, after fighting the traffic, and after she treated herself to a Yogli Mogli, and finding her battery dead, she is grateful for her Rachel at her 2nd job who rescued her AND that she knows how to jump a car as this is a reoccurring issue for her.

5. Even though the mail order pharmacy called the PYB back but couldn't discuss why she was calling because the prescription was for her 18 yr daughter and the rep "can't discuss the reason for the call; please have your daughter call us back" even though the PYB ordered and paid for the prescription, she managed not to be completely and totally rude. (as it turns out it was just a courtesy call to let said daughter know when it will be mailed.  Damn HIPPA).

6. Even though it was an unusually weird & frustrating day she has a nice bottle of Riesling to sooth her and is just glad to be home.

Friday, March 8, 2013


The day had been going so well.

She was productive at work even with the paranormal experience. She hit the library book sale and only made it to the fiction tables Z-S (she'll go back tomorrow). Then it was dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant where she was leisurely enjoying an exquisite piece of grilled salmon atop a bed of spring mix with dried cranberries & almonds drizzled with a mango vinaigrette. Such a good day.


The Mariachis. 

Showed up.

Check please!