Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gonna Start Walking in the Morning? 7 Advantages and Disadvantages....

It's getting to be freaking HOT outside (umm,'s June. Yeah, she knows) so her on-again/off-again walking routine has Got.To.Change. Walking in the late afternoon or early evening is just out of the question unless you want to turn into a puddle. So, being that she must be at work by 7am to whip Boys 1-3 into shape for the day she has to now get up  at 4:30 to squeeze in the walk. Here are the advantages and disadvantages she has amassed thus far. 


1. It gets it over for the day.

2. It eliminates the need to drink an entire pot of coffee in the morning. Three quarters of a pot works just fine.

3. Her legs feel great!

4. It's still dark. No one is around to see her sucking wind while trudging up The Hill of Death.

5. No need for slathering on sticky sunscreen which only makes her sweat more profusely when wearing it.

6. Most sane people are still in bed thereby eliminating the need to dodge cars while staggering down the road (no sidewalks in her neighborhood).

7. The cold shower afterwards feels delicious!


1. Getting up at 4:30am.

2. It's still freakin' hot.

3. Bedtime at 9pm is a necessity. That's hard for a lifetime night owl.

4. Her body is in complete shock and wants to know what the hell is going on. It's used to sitting quietly with a pot of coffee and NPR in the morning.

5. Every dog in the neighborhood knows she's walking by no matter how quiet she tries to be. The heavy breathing and wheezing might be a giveaway.

6. It does nothing to squelch her appetite in the a.m. She's ravenous.

7. She ends up going through 2 pairs of panties and two bras each day.

The PYB is hopeful that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in the long run. Ok, she's gonna go take a nap.