Sunday, May 12, 2013

8 Memories of Being a far

The PYB has two daughters with whom is infinitely proud and loves more than life itself. As of this writing they are 24 (Caitlin) and 19 (Emma) which, of course, is hard to believe as most parents will understand. The cliche, "It's gone by so fast," isn't exactly a cliche; it's truth. Here are a few of the standout moments that The PYB hopes she'll always remember even when she's the Fat Old Bald Broad in room 422 who can't even remember her name and bites people.

1. The Births

The first pregnancy was scary as hell and worrisome, but she was SO relieved to have a daughter! The whole circumcision decision was a moot point and one less thing to worry about. Besides, the PYB didn't have brothers and had no idea what she would have done with a boy. Dressing a baby girl was much more fun! Pregnancy number two was pretty much textbook and, as with the first, she didn't know the sex of the baby. Et voila! Une autre fille! Another circumcision decision deflected! But seriously, the birth of a child truly takes one's ego and self-centeredness out of the picture and that is done freely.

The Emma
Caitlin and Emma

2. Toddler-hood

Who else but a toddler can find fascination in a blade of grass or spend hours with a $1 bag of plastic dinosaurs? Toddler-hood helps us grown-ups re-discover the glories in the mundane and everyday stuff.  Caitlin, who, by the way, came by her name from the back of an Elvis Costello album; his first wife was named Caitlin, came to work with her mother quite a bit during her toddler-hood years. The PYB worked at the High Museum of Art and had an office in the basement. Caitlin would spend the day in a ginormous box playing with her toys and accepting the admiration of the security guards who'd come in during their breaks. 

3. Soccer

Both the Petites Jeunes Filles Brunettes played soccer; Caitlin from first grade to college and Emma from age three to age 18 (her college soccer career was cut short by a major concussion 2 days into fall training).  The PYB had never experienced soccer before her daughters played and was soon an avid fan. For Caitlin, The PYB's best memory of her play was at a night game, U 16 or 17, and she made a goal from half field and it was bloody spectacular! The PYB just about lost her mind! It was truly beautiful. With Emma, a goalkeeper, the PYB's favorite memory was during a shoot-out for a tournament championship. She made what ended up being a game winning save only if the next player on her team scored. Emma was the next player on the team to kick and, yes, she scored. Again...the PYB lost her mind and she might have even cried over that one...

Young Keeper, Older Keeper, Defender/Middie/Forward
Soccer was their family time. It could not have been spent in a better way: together every weekend, fellowship with other families, a game that involved mind, body and spirit.  They even followed their Atlanta Beat, a WUSA professional women's soccer team, to North Carolina, Boston, and Philadelphia. Best summer EVER! She really does miss that now that they're grown.

4. College time for Caitlin

Caitlin...the girl who was so very shy most of her life, unless she was on a soccer field...the girl who a week before going to college wasn't comfortable even calling for a pizza...decided to go out of state for college. Truly shocking! Of course, the PYB was worried sick, but Caitlin did great. Not only did she graduate with a double major but she also went to Greece for a study abroad program and ended up staying six months, traveled to Spain, Turkey, Egypt (rode a camel and went to a soccer game  - women not allowed - hair tucked into a hoodie - NOT a good idea) and spent a month on an archeological dig in Greece and met Billy Zane. So glad she had those experiences. Caitlin has been to places the PYB will only see in photos. Eqypt....on a camel....duh.

5.  Emma and chorus

Emma's childhood dream was to be a singing waitress/dolphin trainer who lived in a pink house as the Princess of Woodstock, GA (we never lived there, but her aunt and cousins do). So, the dolphin trainer ambition fell to the wayside as did anything to do with the color pink, but the singing stayed true. She began chorus in 3rd grade and stuck with it throughout high school. PYB's proudest moment: the solo part in a Christmas performance. In true fashion the PYB didn't have extra batteries in her camera to film the entire song, but was able to record most of it. 

6. Books

Both of the PYB's daughters love to read! This makes her infinitesimally happy! It was touch and go with The Emma at first, but she eventually came around. 

7. Last year's Mother Day gift

It made more of a difference than they'll ever know and the PYB appreciates the effort it took...even though she's pretty sure it was their dad's idea. It hit home; where it was supposed to.

8. Love (this gets personal)

Caitlin & Emma - I love you. I love you more than there are stars in the sky. I truly can't believe your early lives were intrusted to me to grow and nurture. I am not worthy.  You've taught me more than I've ever taught you. Caitlin - I love your sense of adventure and knowledge. You are so smart; so much your father's daughter. I'm so happy you're working on the bookshop with us; I miss you not being at home. Emma - your dry sense of humor makes me laugh and I'm glad we share the love of all things vintage. You've been my favorite keeper and always will be although I'll miss watching you play, however, I'm glad your brain is still intact from hitting the ground so many times and that you're close by for college and happy.  ~ Mom