Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Seems To Be Happening A Lot More Lately...

Dear Sears Parts Department,
All the PYB needed was copy of a receipt to complete an expense report so she called the number on the Visa statement. She was informed that the number was no longer in service; try this new one. Ok, she did that.  After getting through the obstacle course of the phone tree she was on hold for seven minutes. Did you know that Sears parts recommends you change the water filter every 6 mo? Then the phone rang – hurrah!
**static** “Your call cannot be completed as dialed”
Are you freaking kidding?
So, she tries again. This time she was on hold for 4 minutes after being sent through the phone tree and was so excited when someone answered she hit the disconnect button instead of taking it off the speaker. FML.
So, she tries AGAIN. Immediately she screams, “CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!” and lo and behold it rings straight through and someone answers.
*dances jig*
The PYB explains what she needs and wouldn’t ya know, “M’am, I can’t help you here. Let me connect you with the correct department….” Ok, at least it’s progress.
New rep answers, she explains again what she needs and, “M’am, this is for home appliances. You need to call 1-800 blah blah blah.” She tries to remain polite as that’s what her Mama taught her.
So, she tries again. Immediately placed on hold…again. Did you know Sears is your one stop shop for all your appliance needs? 3, 4, 5 minutes tick by. Then the phone rings – hurrah! Finally, she has found her customer service guru and he has all the right answers. It only took about 30 minutes total.  Sometime between now and MAYBE the end of the day she should receive the missing receipt  via email that was supposed to arrive via USPS in the first place.