Monday, August 9, 2010

Today In the Life of the PYB, August 9, 2010

6:15am: Got up; fixed lunch for Petite Jeune Fille Brunette, got PJFB out of bed.

8:00am: Took PJFB to school and went in herself to hopefully get the PJFB's school schedule worked out.  SHE WAS IGNORED!  "Fill out the form" she was told by the harassed school receptionist. So she did.  If the schedule could not be worked out (for the 3rd time) the PJFB was going to be withdrawn.  Some frustration on many levels in many areas was leading up to that drastic decision.  The PYB requested the counselor phone her about the schedule.  She was not hopeful.

9:00am: Went to the bank for some cash. Came home to find the older PJFB up (!).  She had been called in early for her illustrious job at Dairy Queen and needed a ride.

10:15: Took PJFB#1 to the DQ.  Went to Publix and saved $132 in coupons and in-store savings.  The PYB was anxious about the high school situation and grocery shopping was her soothing balm.  Was hot the whole time while in the store.

11:00: Received call from high school counselor, who sounded very tired, while in Publix.  The PYB was on her best behavior and together worked out the kinks in the PJFB#2's and all was well in the high school world. The last thing the PYB wanted to do to her daughter was take her out of her school during her junior year.  The PYB still has the devastating, emotional scars from when it happened to her...alright maybe time has healed them a sense in being overly dramatic.  Wait. No, still there.

12:30: Came back home, put groceries away, made a beautiful salad for lunch and promptly dropped it on the floor.  Was even more hot.  Changed back into nightgown.

2:00: Put clothes back on and went back to bank.  Got checks.  Drove to water company to pay bill and then back to DQ to pick up PJFB#1 and took her to the dentist.  Hot again.

4:00: Took PJFB#1 back to DQ to finish her double shift. Drove back home. PJFB was home from school and happy that she was not going to be a private school student, home school student, or GA Virtual Classroom student.   Had some time to cool off.

4:30ish: Talked to BBH on phone and they started a new business - details to come.

6:00: Got back in the car and took PJFB#2 to soccer practice - 1.5 hrs away.

7:30: Arrived at Bethesda Park.  Walked the trail. Was really hot. Started writing new PYB story (this is not it).

9:15: Drove back to the other side of the world, stopped at Wendy's for the PJFB#2 (great dinner) and swung by DQ to pick up PJFB#1 who was finally finished with work.

10:45: HOME! Hot, tired.  In line for shower.

12:30: Anticipated bedtime.

The was to be the day the PYB was to recover from her massive head cold, an official sick day off work.  She now needs a sick day for her sick day.  But good things happened, so not a bad day at all.

11:42: Shower free - she must run!

Bon soir, ses amis!

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