Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Petite Young Blonde's Guide to the New Year: The 2013 Edition

Compliment one person every day.  It may just be what someone needs to hear to turn that person’s day around.

Be patient with the fast food worker taking your drive-thru order. His job already sucks and the intercoms are cheap. He’s probably doing the best he can.

 Take your old towels and stacks of newspapers to an animal shelter.

Write and send a love letter.

 Treat yourself to a luxurious bath: bubbles or bath salt, scented candle, wine and a good book (don’t drop the book – she speaks from experience). Do this at least once a week. It’s relaxing and helps one to decompress.

Not exactly what the PYB's looks like......

Leave extra grocery coupons on the shelves next to the items for which they can be used. It’s always a nice surprise to find them.

If you use toll roads pay for the person behind you. Again, it’s a nice surprise.     


Get enough sleep. This may require laying down the law with kids or putting the Stupid Damn Cat (PYB’s night-time nemesis) in the basement. Melatonin can help. The people around you during the day will thank you. It’s beats being a cranky-ass.

You know the little things that piss you off on a daily basis and tend to put in you in a bad mood? Try just shaking your head and snicker about them instead. Just try it. Anger can wreck the whole day/life.

And bouncing off the guideline above – laugh at yourself.  As a good friend always tells the PYB: it’s content.

Go to a museum, a play, a ballet, or listen to some live music. Feed your creative/artistic side (yes, you have one; you just may need to find it).

Turn your phone off (!!!!) and read a book or listen to some Elvis Costello (sheloveshim).

Need to fix a rift between yourself and a friend/parent/relative? Fix it - starting today.

Tell the people you love that you do – often. No one ever gets tired of hearing it!

I love you a lot. I love you passionately. I love you like crazy.
And finally, remember life is short so always, ALWAYS drink good coffee.

May you have a prosperous, spirited and mentally-nutritious 
Happy New Year!

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  1. Wonderful advice! Happy to be your newest follower. Come see me at sometime.