Thursday, February 28, 2013


She has to renew her Georgia driver's license as it expires TODAY. This is what she now needs to take with her to prove who she is:

1. Passport or birth certificate (certified!!)
2. Marriage certificate since her name is not the same as the one on her birth certificate
3. 2 proofs of address
4. 1 proof of social security number

She does not have her birth certificate and has sent away for that two weeks ago. She doesn't know how fast the Okies will get that back to her. She doesn't know where her marriage certificate is and JUST found out about that one today. It can be a photocopy but can't copy what you can't find.

She have lived here for 26 years. She has paid taxes here for 26 years. She has birthed two children here. She has received and paid traffic tickets here. If the State of Georgia doesn't know who she is by now then they're just too stupid.


She's taking up a collection for the ticket she most definitely will get for driving with an expired license. She's gotta go to work for crying out loud. And, who knows, maybe they throw you in jail for it now.

Just damn, Georgia.

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