Sunday, June 27, 2010

Introducing the TBF of the PYB

The Petite Young Blonde would like to introduce you to the TBF (Token Black Friend).  The PYB loves her dearly and forever thanks her for allowing the reprint of this email the TBF sent to her friend. 

First, you need to know some background.  The TBF has been working with a trainer who will now be called BHT (Beautiful Hot Trainer) for about five months and she looks FABULOUS!  TBF is single and looking for a husband.  BHT is single and cooks. Why these two don’t hook up the PYB can’t fathom.  TBF says she needs him as a trainer and doesn’t want to mess that up.  Mess it up already – there are plenty of trainers out there!

So here’s the TBF sending an SOS to her BFF:

First... this is for YOUR eyes only! This is NOT to be discussed with husbands, fathers, brothers, friends, ANYONE.... got it?!?!?!

The workout today was tough - mostly b/c I was not in a good mood. My attitude completely stinks - not sure why - but trying to move through it. I was so not feeling anything BHT said to me today - I didn't want to run (really didn't want to run), didn't want to do any of the S--T he comes up with that tortures my body and causes excruciating pain for the next couple of days... but.... I tried to do what I could and kept my mouth shut.

As expected, he went crazy with the workout and it culminated with me on the floor in a ball - flat on my back ready to cry like a baby until I felt better. I was just about to work up a good tear - a real fat one - when I looked up and who was hovering above me - straddling me no less - but.... BHT... in all his glory. He then proceeded to grab my legs and tell me how good I'd done - all the while straddling me. Now, I'm sure he said more - cause he was up there for quite some time, but I have NO CLUE what was said b/c... HE WAS STRADDLING ME. Now BFF, you know I try to be a good Christian - daily try to keep my mind and my actions in line with God's wishes... but today - June 25, 2010 - I had a bit of trouble.
So, I'll journal this to you, BFF - hoping to remove the mental and physical image that was so beautifully positioned over me this morning. We will pray that I will be able to continue to LOOK and not TOUCH. :-)

Moral of this story (TBF):  You have step out of your comfort zone and catch the wave that might change your life.

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  1. Hello!!!! Please, forgive me! I have been so busy and spending very little time with my blog, I just discovered your message, asking permission to use my VINTAGE LADY art on your facebook page! As long as nothing is altered and my name remains in tact, I feel honored to loan you my art! I respect you asking me first, that is always appreciated. Enjoy. Thanks again, Missy
    P.S. I too, do facebook! :)