Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Petite Young Blonde's Movie Review for June 20, 2010: Toy Story 3......5 Shades of Blonde out of 5!!!!!!!

Wow! Best Toy Story story EVER!

Toy Story always strikes a cord because what kid doesn't think their toys come to life when they leave the room?

As always the toys stick together and support one another no matter what and they are about to be split up because Andy, their boy, is off to college.

Some new toys are introduced and Ken almost steals the show, but then comes Spanish speaking Buzz Lightyear- he's so suave!

She won't give anything away, BUT do stay for the rolling'll give you time for your tears to dry if you forget to bring Kleenex....yes, this is story will choke you up and will require at least five tissues, if not more. Had she had been watching the movie at home, the PYB would have boo-hooed like a baby with large, racking sobs. However, she somewhat kept her composure and kept the dripping to a minimum.

One last thing: The PYB is forever sorry for throwing out McDonaldland toys....she just didn't know!

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