Sunday, June 12, 2011

The PYB Movie Review for June 12, 2011: Super 8

5 Shades of Blonde out of 5!!

The PYB LOVED this movie! It had all the elements she desires for an afternoon forget-about-reality type of day: surprise, thrills, suspense, ALIENS, action, humor, great acting & effects.  Steven Speilberg & JJ Abrams are the Super 2. What a great combination of genius!  Together they have created a the summer blockbuster.  This team must work together again.

The main characters are a group of kids who are in the process of making a zombie movie (it reminds the PYB of her Petites Jeunes Filles Brunettes and their cousins filming their version of Harry Potter over three summers/Christmas' when they were together).  This group is also reminiscent of the Stand By Me gang - always there for each other. 

Kyle Chandler transforms his angry dad/coach role in Friday Night Lights to the angry dad/Deputy Sheriff - both are yummy. 

She won't go into the story so to save the fun for you.  Just know that she jumped, grabbed, and hollered quite a few times through this one...and loved every minute of it! Go see this movie - it's MINT!

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