Monday, August 8, 2011

Spectacles for the Petite Young Blonde

The PYB doesn't wear eyeglasses just as a personal fashion statement. She is optically deficient; sad, but true.  So it's time for her to update her prescription and find a new pair of frames.  Of course, her first choice is ALWAYS cat-eye, but for true vintage cat-eyes she would need to shrink the size of her head which isn't currently an option unless she resorts to using this crazy-ass product:

No way! Not even for cat-eyes. Fashion doesn't have to hurt.

After scouring the internet for HOURS the frames pictured below are what the PYB has found thus far. She would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions OR if you have any leads on vintage frames for wide-headed women with quirky tastes in well, everything, please let her know!

These are pink plaid...PINK PLAID!!

Hard to see, but these have rhinestones and are in the current running for sunglasses.


Blue and gold - go Wildcats!

Pink and black zebra stripe! Also being considered for sunglasses & the closest she's found to true cat-eyes.

More pink! She's sensing a trend...

Black and lime green with cut out flowers!

More black and lime green.

Red and white stems!

The PYB can embellish these herself with crystals.

And finally, more pink frames.

She values your well thought out & insightful opinions; or, whatever pops into your head.  Comments below............

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  1. I like the first and last (I sense the same trend in pink)... the zebra stripe are too heavy. The pink under the zebra stripe is also cute.

    If you have the $$ to buy an extra pair, then go ultra-quirky! I have to wear reading glasses and I love alternating with my outfits. But get reading glasses 5 for $20 at sam's club.