Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Petite Young Blonde’s One and Only Political Rant

As a rule the PYB refrains from discussing politics especially with those whose views differ. She has learned that most folks are pretty steadfast in their beliefs and no one is going to change hers and she highly doubts she could change anyone else’s mind either.  She will NOT be attempting to that here, in case you thought that’s where this rant is going. No, she’s just plain disgusted and needs to get a few things off her chest. Lucky you. So without further ado, The PYB presents her reasons for the disdain she holds for  politicians in no particular order.

  1. Political campaign commercials – or “let’s see what bigger lie I can tell about my opponent than he told about me for a gazillion dollars of air time.”  These things are a crock. The PYB really doesn’t care to listen to this crap any more. Thank goodness for the mute button and she can’t hit that thing fast enough during election time. Wouldn’t you like to see them completely abolished from TV and radio? You aren’t getting truths from ANY of those jokers in 60 seconds so what’s the point?  Guess what – YouTube is free and one of the highest used search engines – let the public decide which political commercial they want to watch and stop force feeding it to the public at large via television and radio.

  1. Speaking of campaigning it’s pretty sickening to think of how much money is spent trying to convince “non-believers” to come to the politician’s camp.  The millions spent on one, just one, campaign could do so much good by feeding the hungry in THIS country, or buying books/computers for school kids, or hey, how about using as a bonus to firefighters, policemen & women, and teachers! Multiply those millions by the number of tacky politicians running in state and national elections and the deficit could just possibly go down a few notches. 

  1. Campaign money – stop taking it from the big corporations! It can be compared to a date: the fella buying dinner is going to expect a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ for doling out his cash.  It’s for the people by the people. Not for the megacorp.

  1. Social Security.  Ah, hell, never mind. The PYB will never see it.

  1. Healthcare. Sick people = a sick nation. Healthy people = a healthy nation. Pretty simple. 

  1. To all the hot-shot male politicians – Keep.It.In.Your.Pants.

  1. Education. No Child Left Behind is a DISASTER.  It creates 5’10” 14 year olds still trying to get out of 5th grade. Ok, small exaggeration, but you get the drift. It has also tied the hands of good teachers who could really make a difference if given the chance to really teach a subject and not teach for a standardized test.  Atlanta Public Schools. Enough said.

  1. Taxes. Hey, Washington! Check it out:

  1. Washington perks – she wants some of that! Her job is as equally important to the people she has contact with on a daily basis and the PYB does it without lying, corruption, blackmail, kickbacks or extravagant trips and gifts. Ok, so sometimes a client will bring her a cupcake or a thank you card; not the same.  She’d like her healthcare insurance without all the red tape, too. 

  1. STOP THE “WE” AGAINST “THEM” CRAPOLA! It’s United States not Democrat States or Republican States or, God forbid, Tea Party States.  People in Washington -  hear the PYB when she says, “start working together.”  If it's a good idea does it really matter what party presents it?? When the PYB taught preschool her 3 year old class cooperated better than you bunch of bozos.  You’re acting like fighting siblings for crying out loud. She is NOT impressed. It’s flat out disgusting. Are you really sure you’re representing your constituants’ wishes? She thinks not. Or, is it your ego vs. their ego? She thinks so.  Suck it up, put your egos on hold and do the right thing by the people in this county; she doesn't care what party you represent. If you don’t watch out all of you will be sent into permanent time-out. Grow the F up.

  1. The Speaker of the House, who is white, should not have darker skin than the mixed-race President of the United States. Stay out of the tanning bed; it causes melanoma, dumb-ass.
And finally:

  1.  Would a strong, brilliant, NORMAL female PLEASE step up and replace the crazy, nonsensical, foolish, idiotic, silly, absurd, ridiculous, ludicrous, preposterous, farcical, laughable, imbecilic, harebrained, cockamamie, half-baked, impracticable, senseless, cockeyed, daft, kooky whack jobs of women who think they qualify to run this country.  Maybe one or two who know their American history, foreign policy, doesn't practice witchcraft (allegedly or real), can follow through on their commitments and have sassy gay friends. The PYB is completely embarrassed for her gender.

Oh, wait; any sane, strong, brilliant, NORMAL woman would never consider running for office while that current political climate is still in Washington.

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