Monday, September 26, 2011

The PYB & Elvis Costello

* a review of the Atlanta Revolver Tour concert, September 24, 2011, Elvis Costello and the Imposters

It is a well-kept secret that the PYB loves Elvis Costello (sheloveshim). This one-sided love affair has been going on since 1980 when she was introduced to him via some crazy girls who lived next door to her. She has all his albums/cds/dvds, t-shirts (one circa 1981) and numerous buttons none of which she could find to wear to the concert – mild panic sets in. The PYB is fairly sure that the Revolver Tour featuring The Spectacular Spinning Songbook is only the fifth time she’s seen him live. Clearly, it could have been more but it usually depended on her financial situation at the time.

The show was at Chastain Park Amphitheater which allows the concert-goer to bring their own food and drink; very nice! It’s pretty small and intimate with decent view of the stage wherever one is sitting. The PYB had a pretty good spot last night…it would have been better to be in the very front, however.

Upon walking into the venue and seeing the one and only Spectacular Spinning Songbook she truly believed she might hyperventilate.  It was b e a u t i f u l !  

Most of the show involved audience participation, thus the need to sit up front, and those lucky enough to be picked were able to go on stage, just inches away from Elvis, and spin the wheel. Oh, how she wanted to spin Elvis’ wheel!! In addition to the wheel was, yes, a Go-Go cage.  Lordhavemercy did she ever want to dance in that cage!

Shortly after being seated, the lights went down,  and...there he was…Elvis (sheloveshim) Costello! The PYB was on her feet and “woo-hooing” like an idiot. she’s quite sure of it. She’s quite sure that the cute Argentinian couple next to her were looking for another place to sit.

EC and the Imposters started off “I Hope You’re Happy Now” and right into"Heart of the City," "Mystery Dance," "Uncomplicated" and "Radio Radio." He barely took a breath! And can the PYB just say what a bunch of stuffy-duffs were in her section? Yep, she was the only one dancing and carrying on.  How on earth does one sit during Mystery Dance or Radio Radio???  His awesome Go-Go Dancer didn’t stop once during the barrage of music…ah, something new to aspire to be!

The first skank lucky girl to spin the Songbook

 Other spins gave the audience:
  • Town Cryer - SPIN 2
  • Alison - SPIN 3
  • Stella Hurt - SPIN 4
  • Watch Your Step - SPIN 5
  • Secondary Modern – (not a spin, they just wanted to play it)
  • "I Can Sing A Rainbow" Jackpot - SPIN 6

Elvis (ilovehim) playing guitar while dancing with another skank lucky girl.

All this time The PYB could not believe she was there…the band was so ON and looked like they were having such a good time. The subsequent spinners were invited to sit at the Atomic CafĂ© and enjoy a cocktail or take a turn in the cage.  She HAD to get down there!

Songs that followed were:
·      Greenshirt/Red Shoes/Purple Rain (yes, Prince’s Purple Rain)
·      Poor Fractured Atlas/Talking In The Dark
·      Payday
·      His Latest Flame
·      Beyond Belief - SPIN 8
·      Accidents Will Happen - SPIN 9
·      And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles)
·      Everyday I Write The Book - SPIN 10

Yes, Skank Lucky Girl # 5 or 6. Ah, hell, she lost count.

And then they left the stage. 

No. They couldn’t be done yet! No “Pump It Up" or "Monkey to Man?” (EC’s personal fav). And, the PYB hadn’t been chosen for the wheel yet!! What a tease EC can be! 

Of course, they came back on stage and performed “Condemned Man” and “Watching The Detectives.”  Two more girls were chosen to spin, but they just wanted to hear “Peace Love and Understanding.” I’m not really sure they even knew any other Elvis songs, the little wenches. They stood there and giggled. Annoying.

So, thus ended the evening and The PYB's two dreams for the evening went unrealized, blast it and curses, but The Great Elvis Costello (sheloveshim) did not disappoint and she loved hearing all her old favorites. He was in great form and the Imposters never skipped a beat. Perhaps The PYB should have started a Facebook campaign to get called up to spin the wheel. FB campaigns for anything and everything seem to work. Too little, too late...BUT, there IS the show in Indianapolis next week....!


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