Saturday, October 30, 2010

Movie Review for October 30, 2010: Paranormal Activity 2 - Three Shades of Blonde out of Five

The PYB had a wonderful time with her Super Buff Gay Friend, V, Danita, Re and Jeanne today at the movie and then lunch at Bailey's afterwards.  Nothing like a green salad, lite beer and friends!

She attended the first Paranormal Activity movie with SBGF so, of course, they were planning to see the sequel together.  And, once again, they were grabbing each other at the spooky parts.  Poor Re kept getting elbowed by the PYB on one side of her and from Danita on the other side.  Re was the most reluctant to go since she is not a fan of horror movies and she did not jump one time!  The rest of the group yelped and squirmed in their seats. Those who had seen PA1 agreed that it wasn't as scary as the first one.  It was maybe more disturbing than horrifying, perhaps, because a baby is involved (no spoilers).

What the PYB liked best was how this story was concurrent with the first movie.  PA2 took place in the house of Dan and Kristi who have two children, a teenager and a new baby.  PA1 happened in the home of Micah and Katie, who also show up in the sequel.  Both movies take place in same time frame so each house has demonic activity going on; but it isn't spoken about much between households.  Kristi and Katie are sisters and have a mysterious childhood that is referenced briefly.  The PYB predicts that the next PA movie will address that, "you don't want to be like mother."  Very intriguing.

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