Friday, October 1, 2010

The Petite Jeune Fille Brunette Has Her Say

or...Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them

I'm done.
I'm through.
You used to make me happy,
But now I'm blue.
What ever happened to jokes we used share?
Or the way we just didn't care?
Now, it's like I'm not ever there...
I've played your game,
And I'm sick of the show.
Just tell me now, or just leave, just go.
I'm a stronger person, than you will ever be,
Because I know what's right for me.
You can tell me that everything's fine.
But I already know, you'll never be mine.
So, stop with the pulling
Of my stings that are attached.
Just cut it, just like you did the last.
I'm telling you this now, 
Because I've finally figured it out.
You mean to jerk me around,
So I'll never have a doubt.
You can give it up,
Cause I'm just done with your tricks.
You're just another filthy bundle of lies and sticks.
What's sad is that,
You used to be,
A wonderful guy.
But now I'm learning,
That I'm just another one of your ties.
Wrapped around your finger, and wound so tight.
It's like I'm a puppet.
But guess what sparky?
That's ending tonight.
If friends is all we can be, then so be it.
I'm tired of your screwing around.
Your excuses.
Your whining.
I'm done with this never-ending flirtation.
It's rather annoying.
So lets just stop it now, cause I'm tired of the lies.
I'm not a child, so just shut up and try.
I see that you like other people,
And I'm not entirely surprised that you do.
But you know buddy, 
The only person I like, 
Is you.
So, you're acting like a jackass,
When you say the same things,
To all your ladies and then me.
This is what I wish I could say,
To your face right now.
And then walk along home, 
In a billowy cloud.
Knowing that I won,
And the truth was told.
Then you go home, to your small dark hole.
And I am the one on the other end of the pole.
Smiling and happy,
Like I always should.
Cause you don't deserve what I have.
Or what I offer.
I've realized this now,
Thanks to a friend.
And you can go screw yourself.
I'm done. This is the end.

The moral of this story is - don't mess with the affections of the PJFB. She'll come back at you like a spider monkey.

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